Karyon (Jinhua) Advanced Material Co., Ltd

Joint Venture Subsidiary

Karyon (Jinhua) Advanced Material Co., Ltd, is a sino-foreign joint venture company, located in Jinhua city, centre Zhejiang province of China. Jinhua city is a city with beautiful sceneries and convenient traffic accessibilities. The Reseach & Development team, is led by Dr. Chua Kee Lam, together with 8 senior technicians and 18 junior technicians.

The company has established collaborative links with various scientific research institutes and laboratories, in assistance to develop new products through advanced technologies and innovative processes. At Karyon (Jinhua), we are most willing to cooperate with enterprises to perform relevant researches in attempt to solve all problems encountered in the course of production, and also to realise the potential impact of scientific research and applications.

The series of products as produced have the highest quality, including non-toxic Ca-Zn complexed stabilizer, lubricants of fatty acid salt, complexed stabilizer of organo lead salt and rare earth complexed stabilizer. We are looking forward to have more correspondence of ideas and genuine cooperation with manufacturers and clients of local and overseas.

As we believe, together we can create a greater future for present and for the next generation.