Calcium / Zinc Stabilizer – One Pack System

PVC producers are scheduled to phase out stabilizers containing lead, cadmium and other heavy metals for environmental health and safety reasons, and substituted with the safer calcium / zinc (Ca / Zn) organo stabilizers as calcium is considered as non – toxic and zinc is one of the trace element in human body. Both rigid and flexible PVC required an effective additive package including stabilizers, lubricants, processing aids, UV-absorbers and antioxidants etc to function, the additive package should also be optimized for cost performance in a specific application. The one pack Ca / Zn organo stabilizers contain such additive package are able to meet the requirements of lead based type of products even in the most demanding applications.

We has developed series of one pack Ca / Zn organo stabilizers system which provide outstanding heat light and weather resistance, the superior lubricity of these products not only increase the production speed but also maintain the bright and glossive furnishing of the end products.

zinc organo stabilizer 1
zinc organo stabilizer 2
zinc organo stabilizer 3