Lead Stabilizer – One Pack System

Lead based compound was the first material to be used as stabilizers to prevent PVC from degrading due to heat and other adverse conditions. Lead stabilizers were able to gain significant market share due to their outstanding cost effectiveness and heat resistant properties. However the trend is diminishing in several countries as lead compounds are considered toxic to human body.

Allbright Industries has developed a series of one pack lead organo stabilizers with low lead content and organo co- stabilizers. They are innovative products of multifunction, high efficient and integrating the functions of thermal stabilizer, oxidation inhibitor, internal and external lubricants. These products have been processed into flake by adopting the chemical synthesis and special compounding technology and have the advantages of low dosage levels, low dust in the production environment, and convenience of use.

These stabilizers exhibit good initial colour and superior heat stabilizing effect during processing. The stabilizers also exhibit outstanding dielectric property and free from stain to copper wire. These one pack organo lead stabilizers find very wide applications in the manufacturing of PVC products, such as electrical wire and cable, pipe and fitting, door and window profile hose, lining and many others.

lead organo stabilizer 1
lead organo stabilizer 2
lead organo stabilizer 3