Metallic Stearate Series

Our stearate series of products consist of calcium stearate, zinc stearate, magnesium stearate, barium stearate and lead stearate. They are compounds of long chain stearate acid and bivalent metal produced by dry process. These metallic stearates find wide applications in plastic, rubber and coating industries. They are frequently used as:

  • Heat stabilizer and lubricant in PVC processing.
  • Acid scavenger and lubricant in PE and PP manufacturing.
  • Processing aid / lubricant and mold release agent in polystyrene, melamine, ABS, polycarbonate, polyester, phenolformaldehyde resin, nylon and fiber glass processing.
  • Matting agent / drier in coating industries.
  • Dispersing and processing aid in masterbatches production, e.g. c.c, colour and anti- fungus masterbatches.
  • Anti- sticking and mold release agent in rubber industries.
  • Additives for high melting grease (barium stearate).
metallic stearate series 1
metallic stearate series 2
metallic stearate series 3